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Blovedream Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2008 and is committed to providing customers in many industries with more convenient, reliable, and diverse choices of industrial grade PDA products.

Company Profile

In 2008, Blovedream Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established. Blovedream Technology has been committed to providing customers in many industries with more convenient, reliable, multi-choice industrial grade PDA products.

Blovedream unique modular modular design can well meet customers' requirements for various application environments. It has launched a full series of radio frequency (RFID) identification mobile data terminals for one-dimensional/two-dimensional barcode scanning, fingerprint, ID card, temperature measurement, low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency, etc., which can meet customers' application requirements for "specific business in specific industries".
Always adhere to the market demand as the guidance, to the satisfaction of end users as the goal, to provide customers with cost-effective mobile data terminal equipment. We have been trying to meet and exceed the requirements of customers, constantly improve the use of products for customers, to achieve the society, customers, employees and the company to win the concept.
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    Egypt, Menes, Nigeria, Kenya

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    France, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom

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    The more difficult, Cambodia, Turkey, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand

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Cultural Construction

Blovedream Technology attaches great importance to the development of corporate culture, but also attaches great importance to the cultivation of enterprise talents, internally to create a relaxed and harmonious office atmosphere, gather staff unity and upward, external Blovedream technology adheres to the vision of becoming a first-class handheld terminal manufacturer.

Future Expectation

Blovedream Technology hopes to develop more intelligent handheld terminal devices, in order to make the production and management of enterprises more efficient and intelligent.

Development Course
Blovedream company was established
Launched the company's first PDA-HT20002009 launched the new PDA-HT3000.
R&d and launch new products
WINDOWS CE PDA-HT5000 and PDA-HT6000 have entered into strategic partnerships with Honeywell and MOTOROLA.
Developed and launched the U8000 smart handheld
The new 4.0 "Android 5.0 smart PDA-U8000, and Android 7.0 smart upgrade version.
PDA-U8000S has reached strategic cooperative relations with China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom.
Launched the T80S/U9000 series smart handheld
Developed and launched smart handheld 5.0 "Android 7.0 system PDA-U9000 and launched 4.5" Android 7.0 system PDA-T80 in 2018.

The S50/S60/S70S80/N60 (5G) series products are launched
Launched Android 9.0 PDA, complete product chain, full screen, thin, PFID, self-adhesive, thermal printing and other functions. Applicable to all scenarios.
The new industrial PDA is in full swing
Thin and light, with physical keyboard handheld terminal, greatly meet the needs of warehousing, logistics, industrial and other industries.
The N41U/P800A tablet /S90 is introduced
Launched a new industrial grade tablet computer P800A, will be used in warehousing industry and other industries.
National High-tech Enterprise Certificate
Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Certificate
Honor and Qualification
Over 30 international professional awards and certifications
ISO9001 Certification
ISO14001 Certification
ISO27001 Certification
CE certification
China Compulsory Certification
Cooperative Partners
Blovedream Technology has been recognized by many domestic and foreign customers.
Factory Environment
Blovedream Technology has an independent factory processing site, plant area of 2050 square meters. The daily production capacity is up to 1500 pieces of equipment, and the assembly of equipment can be completed in one day. It takes about 3 to 4 days for the equipment to be shipped from the factory. The annual production capacity is up to 300,000 units.
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