International Internet of Things exhibition (IOT) shenzhen



The three-day 16th International Internet of Things exhibition (IOT) shenzhen end on October 25, 2021. BLOVEDREAM Technology  present its new products N41U and N40 at this exhibition. With the theme of "Connecting all things with core, Empowering the world with Wisdom", the exhibition aims to create a platform for information exchange and win-win cooperation in the Internet of Things.

There were a total of 635 exhibitors participating in this exhibition. Due to the epidemic prevention and control, the number of visitors in this exhibition was 30335. Although there were not many visitors, all the staff of BLOVEDREAM Technology kept the greatest enthusiasm and provided professional and thoughtful explanation service for each customer as always.

BLOVEDREAM technology carries the solutions of intelligent retail, intelligent medical care, intelligent logistics and other industries, and patiently explains to the exhibitors on site to meet the actual work needs of customers.BLOVEDREAM carries PDA products to meet the needs of various industries, such as integrated PDA S60, cold chain PDA N41, S70 and U9000 with RFID technology.

In the exhibition, in addition to the on-site product display, exhibitors can also test the performance of products, close experience BLOVEREAM technology PDA products. For those of you who did not attend the event, don\\\'t feel sorry. Let\\\'s review the grand event of the International Internet of Things Exhibition in the form of pictures and videos.



In the exhibition, not only our products are displayed, but more importantly, our unique spirit and indomitable faith are conveyed. In the Internet of Things industry, we continue to stick to our original aspiration and forge ahead.

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