What are the highlights of P501 Print all-in-one PDA?



Recently, Blovedream family has added a new member -- Blovedream P501 handheld printing integrated terminal, will be a new strong performance, excellent appearance, practical confidentiality and other new image, for retail, parking fees, catering and other industries to enhance the efficiency of business management efficiency.               



Blovedream Technology launched P501handheld printing integrated terminal, as a new handheld printing equipment, this device brings what new highlights?

1."Double printing" mode supports self-adhesive and black label printing. Even if the outdoor temperature is as low as -10℃, you can print online anytime and anywhere, which is convenient for outdoor work, especially suitable for roadside parking fees.


2. The battery capacity is upgraded to 5500mAh. The printing and scanning bar code can be switched at any time.


 3. Performance upgrade, support Android 10.0 system, equipped with octa-core CPU, provides two kinds of memory: 4G+64G can be selected on demand.


4. It's not just a device, it's an image card

The sides of the P501 are designed with non-slip pattern, which is not only non-slip but also aesthetic. On the screen, the 5.5-inch large screen design is still used, and the two sides are thinner, only 22.5mm, which is easier to use. In addition, the tilted 23° scanning head design makes scanning more flexible and work efficiency improved. P501's excellent appearance design and practical functions are destined to make it extraordinary. Not only industrial, but also commercial, the two scenarios can be switched freely.               


5. More features

The P501 supports the configuration of PSAM card slots to protect enterprise data and ensure security and reliability. P501supports identity card recognition function. It selects the second-generation certificate module of Public Security Bureau authentication and fast reading card to identify identity card information. * The PSAM card function and the second generation card module are optional functions.  


To sum up, P501 is a printing integrated device with high appearance level, powerful performance and portability, which can bring new intelligent experience to the majority of users.

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