Do you know all about PDA protection levels?


Protection grade is a conventional parameter index to measure PDA, protection grade is also known as "three prevention grade", "three prevention" specific content refers to waterproof, dustproof, carry fall

PDA industrial protection grade is the IPXX grade standard recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), in the grade standard, "XX" is two digits, the first represents the product dust, prevent foreign object intrusion grade, the second represents the liquid protection grade. There are 7 levels of solid protection, denoted by 0 to 6; There are 9 levels of liquid protection, denoted from 0 to 8. Therefore, to see the protection level of a handheld terminal, you can see the two digits after "IP", the first is the solid protection level, the second is the liquid protection level.

IPXX: Common protection levels are IP65, IP66, and IP67. The larger the number, the higher the protection level.

The protection rating is an assessment of the durability of the PDA, and it is this metric that requires PDA makers to reinforce the casing materials, especially the corners, during the development of the device so that the device can withstand multiple drop tests.

PDA is different from ordinary electronic products, it is because it is efficient, durable, can be in harsh environment, but also can be used normally, so PDA protection is much higher than ordinary electronic products.

After the installation of PDA equipment, it is also necessary to go through some professional drop tests, such as marble drop test and rolling test. After continuous testing, PDA protection level has been tested, and successfully passed.

PDA three protection level can refer to the equipment protection level certificate, this certificate needs to pass the institution qualification certification, can be obtained. The protection level certificate contains information such as the product model, protection level, and date of issue.

In the purchase of PDA, you can pay attention to the protection of PDA, the regular brand will be in the specification parameters specially marked protection level parameter information.

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