How can I configure my own data acquisition terminal?


There are many kinds of smart handheld terminals on the Internet, and the functions of the devices are also very rich. How to configure a suitable data acquisition terminal?


First, look at the demand. Clarify the purpose of the purchased data acquisition terminal, which industries it will be used for, whether it will be used for epidemic prevention or inventory of goods. If the requirements for epidemic prevention and cargo inventory are different, the configuration of the purchased data acquisition terminal is also different.

If the device needs to be used for epidemic prevention, it can be equipped with a temperature measuring module, a two-dimensional scanning head that supports green code scanning, and an NFC that supports ID card reading and writing. For the equipment used for cargo inventory, it is necessary to consider whether it is used for scanning one-dimensional or two-dimensional bar codes, and configure the corresponding scanning head, which has relatively simple function.

Second, look at the configuration. After determining the purpose of the data acquisition terminal, it is generally clear what kind of equipment to purchase. Based on the device itself, it needs to be targeted and equipped with professional configuration. The configuration of data collectors can be customized. Common configurations include scanning head, NFC, ID card reading, fingerprint identification, low frequency, ultra-high frequency, and infrared temperature measurement. Scanning heads can also be divided into one and two dimensional scanning heads, and one and two dimensional scanning heads can be imported and domestic respectively. Different configuration, the natural price is also different.

Finally, brand after-sales is very important. In the choice of brand, the choice of brand direct supply, after sale direct docking. The data collector is not a disposable commodity, the subsequent after-sales service is also very important. The regular brand will provide free warranty service and corresponding technical support within the warranty period.

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